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[8 PCS/Box] Hot Steam Eye Mask

RM 25.90

Material: Soft non-woven fabric, activated carbon, iron powder, RO pure water, etc

Fragrance type:   Little girl (chamomile) , White rabbit (Lavender)

Heating time: 35-40 minute

Suitable for people:

People who use computers, mobile phones and other electronic products for a long time, students and office workers who are under great pressure to study and work, people who travel on business, people who stay up late, etc


- 缓解眼疲劳

- 淡化黑眼圈

- 促进血液循环

- 帮助失眠终结者

- 透气不伤皮肤

Matters needing attention:

1 pay attention to eye hygiene, use eyes reasonably and combine work and rest

2. It is forbidden for those with skin allergy, those allergic to iron powder, pregnant women, patients with eye diseases and those with damage or swelling around the eyes

3. Do not wear contact lenses when using. Do not use this product immediately after using other potions

4. Due to the difference of personal skin sensitivity, if the temperature is too high during use, it is recommended to suspend use to prevent skin scald, damaged package or swollen bag. 

5. Children should use with caution and use under adult supervision

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